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About Optum Advisory Services

Optum® Advisory Services specializes in helping health care leaders address their biggest challenges with insights and strategies to assert control over their organization’s future. Our diverse capabilities and real-world experience help hardwire meaningful results.

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See how we bring diverse healthcare perspectives together to tell a story with data that helps inform decisions about processes, costs and care delivery.

Being involved with organizations who, their business is the life and death of people every day means something more.

Our work is focused on patients, everyday people. So it makes it real for us.

How do we migrate away from some of the things that we’re good at in this country like sick care, and really get in to health care and keeping people healthy?

You have to look across the entire spectrum.

It’s not just payers and providers, it’s employers, it’s the government. It’s individual businesses, it’s small businesses, it’s big businesses.

So really it is about how do we understand what the ultimate mission and vision is for an organization.

The unique thing about Optum is the fact that we are both a service provider as well as operator. And that uniquely positions us to be able to bring to bear some of the most deep experiences that are required to be able to solve health care problems.

We have a great mix of operational expertise, consulting experience, and many of us have actually come from the services side of the industry.

In our advisory role, we get to kind of bring those perspectives together to tell a story with data, to help inform the decisions that they’re making.

Then you’re talking about the opportunity to change processes, you’re changing cost, you’re talking about the opportunity to change the way health care gets delivered.

If we come back with a solution for a client, we also have the programs, the tools, the products that can help actually implement it.

And by the end of the engagement, they have learned how to effectively create change within their organization.

They understand that what we are going to do for them is going to be unique for them, and not a prescription that would work for any other organization.

Working for Optum Advisory Services is super exciting. It hits the actuarial triple aim of having great data, super platforms, and really smart people to work with.

So we can provide our clients with an end to end solution that there isn’t another company in the world that can do so.

There isn’t anybody else that really can make those statements. They have smart people, they’ll buy the data from someone, they don’t know what to do with it. We’ve got the whole package here. And that’s how we’re going to change the way health gets done.

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Helping drive change

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Control your future

Assess your position in the market and enhance your future, targeting top value-add opportunities.

Hardwire results

We are also operators with real-world health care expertise who can help implement solutions.

Collaborate to disrupt

Create partnerships to develop opportunities for value in the financing and delivery of health care.

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Optum is Top Ranked by Everest Group

Everest Group names Optum as a Leader in 2019 PEAK Matrix™

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2018 KLAS Healthcare Management Report

Clients rated Optum Advisory Services the highest for expertise in 2018 KLAS report. 


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Analytics — 216 million
lives of clinical and claims data

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Expertise — Team of over 1,300 experts in health care

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Proven — Built 15% of clinically integrated networks in U.S.


Optum Advisory Services ranked second largest

For the second year in a row, Optum Advisory Services was ranked the second-largest health care management consulting firm in the U.S.


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Discover how Optum can apply insights and strategies to help you drive change and control your organization’s future.

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